Terms & Conditions

Anin sells textile homeware products that are handmade in Namibia. We offer natural materials like cotton and linen. The threads and fabrics used for our embroidery mostly consist of colourfast materials. Due to the general nature of textiles, quality and colours might vary slightly. The authenticity of our hand embroidered products will therefore reveal slight differences from the pictures shown on our website. Please remember:

  • Colours display differently on different computer monitors/ smartphones/ tablets etc. we are unable to guarantee perfect colour accuracy.
  • hand embroidered motifs are left up to the interpretation of the individual embroiderer and will therefore be uniquely different on every product.

Please do not use, download or distribute any content on this website without the consent of the Company Owners. All visual, audio and design material on this Website is protected by Namibian and International Copyright Laws.

Ordering from Anin

Please contact us through the contact page.