House of Anin | Embroidered Cushion Cover | Hand Made in Namibia
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Cushion Cover

Hand Made Cushion Cover

| Hand Embroidered | Natural Textiles | Hand Made in Namibia |

Since 1987 Anin has been in the business of hand manufactured goods. The Embroidered Cushion cover is part of our select range of hand made goods. Even though Hand Embroidery is the focus of House of Anin, a machine embroidered range has also been in production in recent years.

This is a truly classic Namibian Hand Embroidered cushion cover. It is meticulously hand embroidered by Women in the rural town of Hoachanas. These hand embroidered cushion covers have become a highly-sought after decorative item in many Namibian Homes during the late Nineties. The Skillful Hand work has been passed down through the ages from mother to daughter since early 1900.

The hand embroidered cushion covers show naive animals onto a Linen-Cotton textile. The decoration of the animals is unique to every piece of work and can therefore be regarded as pieces of art.

Each pillowcase feature a single Hand Embroidered animal that ranges from Elephant, Antelope, Rhinoceros, Oryx or Giraffe.  The colourfast embroidery is done onto a durable Linen-Cotton textile that can be washed easily without risk of bleeding.

The cushion covers utilises a flap closing detail that will never disappoint you like a broken zip. A cotton piping detail around the edges defines the cushion cover face.

The machine Embroidered Cushion cover motifs feature the Quill, San and Giraffe Pair designs.

Above are the 2 main cushion categories available.