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What does Anin mean?
The name Anin refers to the Nama meaning of many birds. The Hand Embroiderers at Anin are part of the Nama People hence the use of a Nama name for the company.
The Hand Embroiderers of Anin live in the rural village of Hoachanas.  Inhabited since at least 1695, Hoachanas is the main settlement of the Khaiǁkhaun (Red Nation), the largest and most important of the subtribes of the Nama people. See Hoachanas on Wikipedia for more information.

Does Anin NAMIBIA have a retail shop?
YES. Anin has various retail shops in Namibia. You can find them on our Retail outlet page.

Can I buy online from Anin Namibia?
Yes, the Anin products are available online in Europe. Please see our retail outlet page.

Can I resize my Bed Linen at Anin?
Yes. We supply our quality handmade bedlinen and Tablelinen to clients worldwide. Due to a variation in size and preference, we offer a customising service to supply you with the exact dimensions and design you desire.

Our Lodge or B&B requires new Décor for the bedrooms and lounge area, can Anin do custom Designs?
YES. As a Design Team, we can help you choose your fabrics from top fabric houses and suppliers and can have your logo, or any relevant motif embroidered.
We have been manufacturing and supplying custom bedlinen, tablelinen and homeware products to lodges and smaller establishments for many years.

Does My purchase directly impact the living standards of the Community in Hoachanas?
YES. Our hand embroiderers get paid per piece of finished work. This source of income plays an important part in their families’ wellbeing and often pays the electricity bill.