Bed Linen

Bed Linen

Our handmade Bed Linen is manufactured from high quality linen and cotton fabrics.

Our Embroidered Duvet Cover is an authentic Namibian inspired and designed product that utilizes smooth cool cotton and textured Linen-Cotton. It is embellished with a hand embroidered motif on a Linen strip giving it the distinct ‘Anin style’. The Anin style originated from sending strips of fabric to the rural town of Hoachanas for hand embroidery after which it can be washed and sewn up into the required product. This design detail has become synonym with the House of Anin Duvet cover style.

We have Designed and Manufactured Bed Linen for many fine lodges in Namibia and welcome Wholesale Orders. Depending on your requirements, we either custom make or source from reputable suppliers. Bed Linen requirements and sizes vary in different countries; therefore, we offer a special customized service where we will manufacture bed linen to your specifications. Contact us with your custom requests.

The Hand Embroidered Duvet Cover is sold in a set that includes one or two pillow cases as relevant to the size. Therefore, Pillow cases may also be purchased separately. Fitted sheets and pillow cases are available in appropriate sizes to complete your bed linen set.

We use 100% Cotton percale with a 200 thread count per square inch, also referred to as 200 TC Percale. The Motif strip is sewn onto the Cotton Percale which makes up the duvet cover. A neat piping cord around the motif strip creates a good transition between the 2 textiles. The Duvet casing is closed at the bottom end using 3 pairs of ties. The Bed Linen is durable and can be machine washed at 40 ° Celsius.

Bed linen Features

  • Hand Embroidered motif
  • Handmade in 100% Cotton textiles.
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